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As a service to you, we offer Line and Assembly drawings for the vast majority of our units. Unit Line Drawings and Assembly Drawings are available in both AutoCAD 2000 and Adobe PDF formats. Also available are documents on cleaning, coloring, installation and patching.

To download drawings, you must first become a member. If you are not a member, click here to become a member.

To Download Drawings

To view downloadable drawings, use the 'Search Products' navigation link to find a suitable unit for your needs. Once on the 'Unit Details' page, a list of the possible units reside at near the bottom of the page, under the unit photographs.

To view the list of available drawings for a particular unit, click the name of the unit you are interested in. In this case, click on 'Leaf Tudor 36"'.

Once the unit drawings have been expanded, you can view the drawing title, description and links to the files. Click on the icons or links to download the AutoCAD or PDF files.

* Can't find the drawings you're looking for? Email us and request it!