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Installation Tips

Stone Magic mantels are designed to be easily installed by a mason or other construction trade professional. Care must be taken because the pieces are heavy and many of the edges are delicate. Many installations are done in existing homes, so other elements must be protected from damage during installation.

Fireplace Installation Video     Alternate .AVI format

Check Each Part in your Fireplace Stone Veneer

Before starting, layout the stone to dry and verify each piece.

Prepare Installation Cast Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Existing fireplace that has been prepared for installation. Note the hardwood floor has been covered for protection.

Cast Stone Fireplace Installation

The mason starts by measuring for the center to determine the exact placement of the left and right legs of the surround.

Position The Pieces Carefully

Carefully place each piece.

Carefully Level Each Part, And Check spacing

Each layer is carefully leveled and spaced.

Lift Heavy Stone Chimney Parts Carefully

Some parts will require several people to lift.

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